No Equipment Workout #6

Warm up: Perform each exercise for 1 minute.

Wall sit- Hips and knees at 90°. Hands off legs.

Arm circles-P90x style

Overhead sumo squats-Squeeze biceps against ears with fingers interlocked and elbows locked out. Reach high, squat low.

Inchworm to hip opener- Start in high plank w/wide stance, walk hands backwards while bending knees to end up in deep squat. Take hands off ground while maintaining deep squat and heels touching ground. Walk hands back to high plank.

Prone Y’s, T’s, W’s- Upper back activation, squeeze hard, be aware of scapula position.


1 minute/exercise, no rest in between, 30 second rest after set, 1 set only

Curtsy lunge, reverse lunge, lateral lunge (each side 1 minute)

Drunken mountain climbers

High Knees 30 sec

Pike push up

1 minute/exercise, rest 30 seconds, repeat set

180° squat jumps

6 second push up holds

Split jacks w/15 lb DB press

Mountain climbers

2 minutes/exercise, rest 1 minute in between sets, repeat set twice more

Wall sit

Pull up





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