Strong Salutation

Sun salutation is a dynamic sequence of moves traditionally found in yoga. The moves vary depending on who you talk to. This is mine.

Strong salutation

Before trying this, you should be able to hold a high plank for at least 1 minute with a neutral spine. Click the link below for the video.


Begin standing tall, with hands together in prayer position at chest height.

Reach arms overhead, look to the sky, go on toes, one breath.

On the exhale (OTE) of the previous breath, forward bend, one breath.

On the exhale, bend knees, place hands on the ground, step back far with right leg, then left, now in a high plank, take one breath. Working on neutral spine, tough to do, take another breath. Are your glutes engaged? Lower trapezius? Find a mirror and see if you have a slight S curve, that’s what ya want. Take another breath.

On the exhale of the previous breath, walk your hands backwards towards your feet as you bend your knees resulting in a deep squat. Bring your hands together in prayer position at your chest. If you are unable to keep your heels on the floor, place both hands on a yoga block on the floor. No matter what, the heels must remain on the floor. This may take time to get comfortable in. Breathe. Walk the hands back out to high plank.

This one’s more intense on the low back, especially if you have immobile hamstrings. Stick your hips in the air similar to downward dog, keep the legs as straight as you can as you walk your hands back only a few inches. Complete a deep breath before walking the hands out to high plank.

Go back to high plank and repeat. The legs should become straighter and your hands back further every rep you do.

From high plank, bring your right knee through your arms, placing your foot in between your hands. Left knee rests on the floor. Right hand on the back of your head and look while rotating your torso to the right. This is thoracic rotation and it’s crucial for upper body joint health. Don’t skip this, in fact spend the most time in this position, because it involves hip separation and hip extension. There’s a reason why this position is called World’s Greatest Stretch.

Back to high plank, breathe.

Downward dog, upward dog. Breathe.

Return to forward bend with hands touching the ground and legs straight. Breathe.

On the exhale, slowly return to upright position, followed by going on your toes while reaching overhead and looking towards the sky. Hands back to prayer position.



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