Central New York Quarantine Day 11 update:

I gain energy being alone. My energy is used up around people. I feel the most energized as I ever have these last 11 days. I’m still in the habit of waking up early and in addition to that, playing basketball, running, and lifting, I fall asleep easily at night. The cycle has been working so far. It also helps living with two people who are still working.  My Dad is a cannabis pharmacist (essential business ayyyyyy) and Mom works for Syracuse University admissions and works online mostly anyways.

I started watching Tiger King on Netflix last night and OH MY GOD, it’s gold. Only watched 2 episodes to make it last as long as possible. I’ve been watching animal attack videos on YouTube all day today. There’s something about people doing things they obviously should not be doing and karma showing up that really entertains me.

I started getting into country music a few months back when I realized it goes perfect with a beer. It’s since seeped into my daily listening. My Pandora playlist is already circling back through my thumbs up songs and I’ll probably tire of it soon.

It’s 5pm now on 3/28. That weird time when I’m used to the day being over, but there’s still 3 more hours of daylight. HA! No shit, Jimmy Buffet just popped on my Pandora and ya know what? It’s 5 o’clock here! Brooklyn Lager coming right up.


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