CNY Quarantine day 7

Fast forwarding to day 7 here on Tuesday March 24th because I just got this blog back up and running. I haven’t written here in at least 2 years and being stuck in quarantine has led me back.

I arrived in Syracuse, NY last Wednesday after it was announced the gym was closing with a TBD date for re-opening. Since then everything has become virtual. So my thoughts are now too. Every day is a new day in #thebasementseries where I……………… workout in my basement. I’m lucky, I have gym equipment, not many do. I even have a wheel barrow and a ton of snow, no shortage or heavy things to move around here.

Every day I text my clients, eat, lift, nap, and sometimes go for a drive. Wegman’s is open, but that’s about it and that’s okay. On my IG, @n19holas I’ve basically been trying to film as much of what I’m doing as I can in order to stay relevant. Now that I don’t train anyone in person, I’m finding myself more annoyed with the fitness advice online. It’s time to put myself out there and compete with models basically. If my information, knowledge, and advice is as good as I say it is then why shouldn’t I be seen as an fitness authority to all fitness consumers?

Stripping down.

I workout all the time without a shirt on. I go for runs shirtless too, but filming without a shirt on? It was always the gimmick guru jabroni that I associated with doing that shit, not me. But I did, and I am, and I’m going to continue for a year and see how it plays out. I can’t continue watching from the sidelines as so many other less qualified self proclaimed gurus beat me in my own industry.

In the upper right hand corner of this site, I added a page showing my current workouts organized into one week. My half marathon in Newport, RI scheduled for 4/18 has obviously been cancelled, but I’m still running 1-3x/week.

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