Try-an-athlon Experiment (3)

Check out the new unis! A lot of times before a big race we’ll roll out new uniforms for the triathletes. Black camouflage has been the theme recently. Check the socks thoughhhhh. We have a few Georgetown and UConn alumni here that really enjoy my socks.

The race is in 18 days. I’ve biked 20+ miles a few times, but haven’t reached the quarter mark outside as of yet. This morning I swam the full 1500…with breaks. We’ll keep working on that and hit the open water next week for another attempt at my worst night mare swimming in the Long Island Sound. I ran 4.5 miles after the swim and felt pretty damn good about it as it’s my longest run yet. 6.2 will be here soon.

After today’s long run I feel pain in my lower ribs like when my brother would learn a new WWE move and use me to practice. I’m thinking it’s my pelvic stabilizers waking up from a 25 year hibernation.

Nutrition before and during runs is a big deal for me as it usually determines cramps and my pace. I used sport beans, the ones with caffeine and they tasted great. I didn’t think they digested as quickly as the gummies. I have a package of honey stingers coming soon that I really like. I don’t know if they work as well as the blocks, but the first ingredient is honey so you can imagine how they taste.


I’m thinking an easy ride on the computrainer tomorrow paired with some pool time to figure out kicking and breathing at the same time. 18 days.

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