Energy Systems, The Waco Kid, & My Fantasy Football Commissioner is Terrible

What an awful coincidence. I had this picture already set up from few days ago and someone just told me Gene didn’t make it through today. RIP The Waco Kid.

My first ever Fantasy Football draft is this week. Running Back first round? Gronk? Bell? I don’t know we’ll see. I need tips though, so help me out in the comment section.

Today the one month countdown begins. Everyone said the swim would be the toughest and now I believe ’em. The running is going beautifully. I am just venturing outside on the bike clipped in, and I have yet to take the floaties off in the pool. Swimming sucks. I can’t kick and pull at the same time. I can’t breathe when I want and don’t very much appreciate that.

I have to admit I am not strength training nearly as much as I’d hoped when I began this endurance stuff. I am starting to understand the mindset of a triathlete. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to pack 2, 3, or even 4 training sessions in one day. However I did swap a bike ride for a strength training session 2 days ago and it felt fantastic.

The more I experiment with endurance training, the more I am realizing the hidden benefits of cross training. My irrational fear of losing “gainz” if I did anything to elevate my heart rate is starting to seem irrational and dumb. I’ve certainly lost weight since running, biking, and swimming, but my appetite has also sky rocketed. I am slowly gaining weight back from a virus I had a short while ago. I’ll have a better idea in a month, whether it is possible to put on weight while doing all this endurance training.

Okay onto this week’s post.

What are energy systems? Why is it important to condition athletes according to not only their sport, but their position within the sport? Football is the best example because of the wide range of specialties and athletes on the same team. This is the reason football coaches don’t have every player or any player run countless miles anymore in order to ‘get in shape.’

Training for football players and athletes in general has come a long way from those days. A better way we can train football players is in high intensity situations, having players go ALL OUT performing a drill, but that drill only lasts 15-20 seconds tops. This is the average time of a football play during competition. It isn’t a made up scenario designed to make players puke.

Individualized training can add a new dimension to training that you’ve been overlooking.

A strength coach or a trainer in a group setting is more focused on organizing a group and keeping the entire team focused. In a group setting it can be hard to cater to the individual.


As a personal trainer I can perform a needs analysis of the individual, not the sport and coach according to what will have the most immediate impact for that individual. If I have 2 swimmers looking to improve conditioning and one specializes in 100m and the other regularly competes in 1000m+, they’re not conditioning together.

Below is a great chart off that shows the different energy systems across sport. Gray is our immediate energy system used within the first 10 seconds and is responsible for explosive movements. Red is the opposite end of the spectrum and incorporates oxygen to supply energy during very long events. Blue is the in between that uses oxygen to make energy, but also draws from reserves in the body first.

% ATP Contribution by Energy Systems
Sport/Activity ATP-PC Glycolisis Aerobic


80 15 5


80 10 10

 Field hockey

60 20 20


90 10 0

 Golf (swing)

100 0 0


90 10 0

 Ice hockey

80 20 0


20 30 50


60 20 20


98 2 0

 Swim (50m)

95 5 0

 Swim (100m)

80 20 0

 Swim (200m)

30 65 5

 Swim (400m)

20 40 40

 Swim (1.5km)

10 20 70


70 20 10

 Field Events

90 10 0

 Run 400m

40 55 5

 Run 800m

10 60 30

 Run 1.5km

5 35 60

 Run 5km

2 28 70


0 2 98


90 10 0


45 55 0

Fox EL, Mathews DK (1974). Interval training: conditioning for sports and general fitness. Saunders College Publishing, Orlando, FL.

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