I like to think that when someone signs up to work with me, buys a package of sessions, and signs the waiver form they trust me. If we stay together and I end up meeting their parents and we buy furniture together, wooo they must really trust me.

I’ve been working with Jeremiah on and off for about 2 years and although we haven’t bought any furniture, I thought I had gained his trust. We tried back squatting once and Jer’s shoulders don’t get back quite enough to make it worth it. We’ve done various forms of front squatting ever since and never above 95lbs. The leg strength is there, but the Tin Man’s hips move better than Jeremiah’s.

Anyways I get this text from him the other day. Don’t mind my responses, football development train? I don’t know, don’t ask.


Naturally, my reactions…



I kept prying and turns out Jer was back squatting 150lbs and he hurt his back. I would put more of the onus on Jer, but he’s only 14 and he was working with a coach when it happened. Not cool.

Like I said, Jeremiah is a man boy with the intelligence and maturity to match. I liked that he spoke up about something he wasn’t comfortable with. That’s the honest communication that I’m always after when working with youth athletes. Unfortunately, Jeremiah sees squats and deadlifts as the problem. A lot of parents I come across have similar views because of the plethora of clipboard cowboys and too tight t-shirt twats progressing incorrectly and injuring kids.

I am starting to see why new clients are hesitant to trust. If you are sitting there thinking, “Nick why can’t there be a special shirt or sign to distinguish contenders from pretenders.” Ahhhh glad you asked. Check this out>> Find a Coach Adjust the settings to your city and state to find the coaches with the special shirts (Strength and Conditioning Coach certification).

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