Try-An-Athalon Experiment (2)

I know I mentioned becoming inspired by a few of my athletes absolutely murdering the Eagleman Triathlon. I might’ve even mentioned attempting to get my feet wet with a little vomit inducing, life contemplating endurance experiment myself. Here’s the update.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been swimming, biking and running. Mostly biking as I prepare for a relay triathlon with two others taking over the run and swim.

The event: Timberman 70.3 Triathlon August 21st

This leaves roughly 8 weeks time to build up to 56 miles on a bike which I usually can cover in about 30 minutes. However I checked rules for types of bikes allowed and surprisingly Ducati L twins are not on the list.


Not one, but both of my training partners had to pull out of the Timberman triathlon relay due to scheduling conflicts. Ouch. New plan is a triathlon all by myself, albeit Olympic distance (~32 miles), not a half Ironman (70.3 miles).

Yesterday was starting out on the treadmill as I didn’t get out early enough in the morning to beat the heat. 1 mile. Even inside with such a short distance I still felt like this truck afterwards. I plan to build up to 6 miles by next week.


I’ve biked 25 miles before, but never swam 1500m, not even half that distance actually. Today will be more running and biking. Tomorrow I’ll jump in the pool and try to recreate the lifeguard test from back in the day.



One thought on “Try-An-Athalon Experiment (2)

  1. I am so impressed!! You go, Nick!! I love this, made me laugh, it is so well written. Please keep sending updates! Love, Mom


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