One Simple Strategy for Fat Loss

I saw Dr. Mike Roussell talk a few years ago at a SUNY Cortland Sports Medicine Seminar. One of the main takeaways for me was his advice on protein intake. His emphasis wasn’t on the amount of protein ingested daily, but mealy (sure that’s a word). He recommends dividing protein up evenly between meals instead of consuming the majority of protein at dinner. This means if you eat 90g of protein a day it should be closer to 30-30-30 rather than 10-20-60 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.

Many times my clients lose their first couple pounds by adding more protein in specifically at breakfast. A 3-4 egg omelette kicks the shit out of bagel or juice. This equals you not being hungry until you are supposed to be (lunchtime), which equals not eating more in the long run, which equals you being a gorgeous person.


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