Addition by Subtraction

“Nick my back is sore, I don’t know why.”

“Nick I can’t lift my arm over my head, I don’t know why.”

“Nick I’ve lost 20 lbs since Tuesday, but my pee is bright orange. Dr. Oz said that’s to be expected.”

Stop picking things up wrong. Stop swimming thousands of laps without a correct exercise plan. Stop getting your nutrition info from TV talk show hosts!

Addition by subtraction.

To get better, to improve, to adapt, we need to change certain behaviors, incorporate certain habits, and get rid of others. Many of us only focus on adding good habits. We’re not ready to give up the bad. Sometimes that’s the only way to get better.

Ebeneezer (let’s call him E) is ready for change. 2016 just hit him like bag of dicks and he’s ready to get after it in the gym. One month in, he’s crushing workouts and getting stronger, but not losing weight and isn’t recovering in time for his next workout.

Me: “Hey E, what’s goin’ on?”

E: “Hey Nick, workouts are going great, but the scale still reads the same and I’m always falling asleep at work.”

Me: “How has the late night eating been?”

E: “Too frequent. I’m tired at the end of the day and if I didn’t plan out dinner I sort of just snack on potato chips and Hershey kisses until I fall asleep. I feel like the workouts are balancing it out though.”

Hi head meet my friend, the wall. 

Everyone knows diet and exercise together are optimal. We need to change the question from “what should I do?” to “how do I implement xyz into my busy life?”




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