6 Fundamentals to Master before Program Design

Probably a question I get asked 13 times every day. “How many reps? When can we bench press? Do you think we should take in Syrian refugees?” Slowwwwww down there speed racer. When you can lunge your own body weight without looking like a newborn deer, we can talk about a 3RM.

People want immediate advice and feedback. I get it. The problem with this is, much of the time we learn by making mistakes. When learning a new exercise there are too many things to think about besides rep scheme. I tell my clients, “Make the reps identical!”

Anyone new to exercise is going through the adaptation phase. They’re learning how it’s supposed to feel as well as tempo, tendencies and compensations.

Rep count is a product of programming. Most people are figuring out movement patterns, they’re still adapting. They will see improvements by doing just about anything. After these gains cease, more specific programming will become worthwhile.

Maybe you’ve been lifting for some time now and you believe you need a little more organization to get optimal results with your training. How do you know when you’re not a beginner? Great question aaaaaaaaaaand without further adieu, 6 basic things to master before worrying about program design! (it’s a working title)

  • Pick up the equivalent of your body weight
  • Carry your own body weight in your hands 50 yds
  • Squat to depth with your arms overhead
  • Lunge with balance
  • Plank with shoulders directly over elbows
  • One pull up

Is it really 60 degrees out in December? Motorcycle time :). See ya guys.

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