Adapt and Conquer

Last time I saw my brother, we were discussing dates for me to visit him this Fall. The bulk of my work happens during the weekends and he is a 9-5er which makes it difficult to see each other as much as we’d like. He recently had a daughter and I mentioned something along the lines of waiting until things died down to make plans. He said, “Life doesn’t get less busy, you just adapt and conquer.”

When life gets crazy, something is always going to take a back seat. What are your priorities? Not your interests, hobbys, or leisure activities. You’ll get around to those eventually, when you have time. What have you done in the past 3 days? Those are your priorities.

Make a list of what you believe to be your priorities. Seriously, just do it. Here’s mine.

  • surviving
  • being fit
  • work

Not necessarily in that order, but it’s a true list. Since I like living, I eat food, drink water, and sleep. Every day. This is one we all have in common. It is basically your first priority and a great illustration of what it means to truly prioritize something.

Frequently I discuss eating habits with my clients and it goes something like this.

Me: “Ok, talk to me about nutrition. How have the strategies we’ve discussed been working out?”

Person: “Not good, things have been crazy with work and the kids lately so it’s been tough.”

When deciding to make a long term change, plan for the craziness. Have a plan in place so when you go on that next business trip, you’re ready to hit the gym because it’s a priority. After that crazy day driving the kids to all of their practices and appointments you still have what you need to get to that spin class because the gym bag is packed and prepped waiting in the back seat. That’s called prioritizing. It needs to take precedence over something else that is competing for your time.

Don’t let something important like your ability to move and be strong be the last thing on your list. Adapt and conquer. Check out the niece! Resident cutie and future rock climber.

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